Tammy Bohn



Hello!  I am Tammy Bohn.  I am a candidate for City of Sturgis Mayor in the April 12, 2012 city election.

In the past not all voices have been heard by our Sturgis government officials.  The Mayor is supposed to represent ALL Sturgis residents.  I will do that if I am elected.  I will listen to all suggestions, complaints and proposals, and advocate on the council for the best outcome for all residents, while being fiscally responsible.

Recently, property valuations have drastically increased causing taxes to increase even though the mil rate has not.  If you are selling your home, having the valuation increase is a good.  If you are not selling, its a bad, and causes your taxes to increase.  Many of the Sturgis homes are low income or retiree residents on a fixed income.  Now is not the time to increase City spending. Now is the time to maintain necessary city services, not undertaking new expensive projects just because we may be able to service the debt for such new projects.

Under the current form of government, which employs a City Manager, the role of the Mayor is mainly one of leadership.  Leadership is what I promise if I am elected.  I will aggressively advocate for the interest of all residents, not just a select few.  For the past 6 years my husband Justin and I have owned and operated Sturgis Guns, Sturgis U-Haul, Sturgis Shipping and Sturgis Storage Sheds.  I am well aware of  the vastly divergent interests of Sturgis’ residents.  We all want the best for the community we live in.

We must balance the interests of  long time residents with new residents.  Many new residents have relocated to Sturgis due to their years of attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  We must balance non commercial with that of commercial interests.  These interests are not necessarily mutually exclusive.  It is in the best interest of the City to encourage business growth, including Sturgis Motorcycle Rally related businesses.  The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has a substantial economic impact on Sturgis.  It would not exist without the support of the Sturgis residents.

Having worked in the Sturgis Rally Department and personally raising sponsorship funds, I know first hand the potential of the Rally and its impact on our community.   Having owned a very successful motorcycle dealership and being connected to the motorcycle industry for over 23 years, I will ensure our residents receive the maximum return on their investment in the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  We need to build a better relationship with the Jackpine Gypsies and the motorcycle community.

Sturgis needs a prosperous business community that can provide employment and contribute to City income through taxes and fees.  I will use the expansive business contacts I have acquired while operating various businesses in Sturgis to market Sturgis as a great place to establish a business.  I will support our current business community, while I work to attract new business to Sturgis.

Public Safety is a priority.  Our homes and businesses are worthless unless they are safe.  Being raised in an law enforcement home, I recognize and value the essential role of the Sturgis police officers who faithfully fulfill their duty everyday to keep us safe.  We ask these officers to protect our communities from crime and violence and rely on them to ensure public safety.  Chief Geody and his officers are doing the best with what they have.  Their budget is controlled by the City Manager.  If I am elected Mayor, I will be an advocate for the Sturgis Police Department to ensure they are fully funded and all their current and future needs are met.

Cities that celebrate our pets are cities that are healthier, and happier places for people to live.  People who have pets tend to get more exercise, report less loneliness and stress.  Pets are our family.  Sturgis Meade County Animal Shelter needs an overhaul.   The current ladies are doing a fantastic job on a very small budget.  If I am elected Mayor, I will dig deep into helping these ladies and our animal shelter with their needs.

I am not a career politician. I am a business owner.  I believe in personal responsibility.  Jesus Christ is 1st in my life.  I will not forget who I work for, the residents of Sturgis.  Sturgis Listens!

Email:  info@SturgisListens.com
Phone: 605.490.1321
Mail:  1616 Elk Court, Sturgis, SD 57785

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